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linelinelineSustainable Mukilteo
linelinelinelineCity Efforts
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linelinelinelineWhat You Can Do
linelinelinelinePlastic Bag Reduction Ordinance
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Public Works
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linelinelineBoat Launch Information
linelinelineStreet Maintenance Program
linelinelineStorm/Surface Water Program
linelinelinelineFAQ on Storm Water Rates
linelinelineline2015-2021 Surface Water Management Plan Update
linelinelinelinelineCitizen Advisory Committee
linelinelinelineSmuggler's Gulch Low Impact Development and Retrof. . .
linelinelinelineStormwater Facilities Atlas
linelinelinelineSWMP and NPDES
linelinelinelineStormwater Strategies Plan
linelinelinelinelineStormwater Strategies Plan Details (2013)
linelinelinelinelineWhat is LID?
linelinelinelinelineLID Projects in Mukilteo
linelinelinelinelinelineLighthouse Park
linelinelinelinelineLID Resources
linelinelinelineWatershed-based Stormwater Retrofit Plan & Pre-des. . .
linelinelinelinelineIdentifying Potential Retrofit Projects
linelinelinelinelineInfiltration Feasibility Assessment
linelinelineline5th Street Upgrade
linelinelineline61st Street Culvert Replacement
linelinelineline88th Street/SR 525 Left Hand Turn Lanes
linelinelineline92nd Street Park - Additional Parking Lot Lights
linelinelinelineBeverly Park Road/SR 525 Intersection Completion
linelinelinelineBig Gulch Estuary
linelinelinelineBig Gulch Trail and Big Gulch to 92nd Street Park . . .
linelinelinelineFish Ladder at Mukilteo Lane on Japanese Gulch
linelinelinelineHarbour Pointe Boulevard Re-build
linelinelinelineLighthouse Park Improvement Project
linelinelinelineLighthouse Park Phase I, II, IIB
linelinelinelineMukilteo Lane Repair
linelinelinelinePaine Field Boulevard Extension Project
linelinelinelineParking Restrictions
linelinelinelineProposed Speed Limit Changes
linelinelinelinePublic Works Shop Equipment Storage
linelinelinelineQuiet Zone
linelinelinelineSolar System for City Hall
linelinelineSmall Works Roster
linelinelinePark Rules
linelinelineTraffic Calming Program
Recreation & Cultural Services
linelinelineCo-Sponsorship Grant Program
linelinelineRosehill Community Center
linelinelinelineWeddings, Receptions & Special Events
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