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10500 47th Place West
Mukilteo, WA 98275
Phone: 425.263.8100
Fax: 425-348-1275
Hours: 9:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday

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Automobile Theft

The Club


Preventing Automobile Theft
A vehicle is stolen every 25 seconds in the United States. Follow these tips to help keep your vehicle safe. 


  • Remove your keys from the ignition after every use. 
  • Lock your vehicle, no matter where you are. 
  • If you must leave your key with a parking attendant, leave only your vehicle's ignition key. Do not leave anything attached to it with your name and address. 
  • Keep your vehicle keys separate from your house keys. 
  • Do not park your vehicle in an isolated area where there are few passers-by. 
  • Always park in secured lots that are well lit and near high traffic areas. 
  • Always have your keys ready before you reach the car. 
  • Always look under and around your vehicle before approaching it. 
  • Check the back seat of your vehicle before entering it and immediately lock the door behind you. 
  • Copy your license number and vehicle identification number on a card, and keep it with your driver's license. 
  • Write your driver's license number on a business card, and drop it down the window slot to serve as identification, in case the VIN is removed. 
  • Keep your vehicle registration with you when driving, but do not leave it in the car. 
  • Engrave your driver's license number and state on valuable components such as stereos and cellular phones. 
  • Etch the vehicle identification number or a code number into your vehicle windows to deter thieves and aid in recovery. 
  • Consider the use of second layer anti-theft devices such as steering wheel locks and window etchings. 
  • Keep your garage door opener with you at all times. If your vehicle is stolen, the thief may attempt to get into your home. 
  • Park with your front wheels turned sharply, this will make your vehicle more difficult to tow away. 
  • Remove valuables from the vehicle and place them out of view in the trunk. 
  • If you are being followed, drive to the nearest police station, or populated area, and honk your vehicle's horn. 
  • Always drive with your doors locked and your windows rolled up.
  • Be suspicious of anyone approaching your vehicle, whether passing out leaflets or asking for donations.

The Mukilteo Police Department has partnered with Winner International, the creator of the original Club® to offer the “Auto Theft Task Force Club” to Mukilteo residents and members of the Mukilteo business community. When combined with locking your car doors, rolling up your windows, and removing all personal belongings from your vehicle, the highly visible Club serves as a strong visual and mechanical deterrent for auto thieves.

The Clubs are available for only $11.00 to Mukilteo residents and members of the Mukilteo business community.  Clubs can be purchased directly at the Mukilteo Police Department which is located at 10500 47th Place West. To obtain more information, please call the Mukilteo Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at (425) 263-8100 or e-mail:

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