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Business Licenses

Thank you for your interest in conducting business within Mukilteo.  Title 5.04 of the Mukilteo Municipal Code requires that any person who conducts, operates, or engages in any business activities within the city shall obtain a Mukilteo business license.  The term "business" includes without limitation:

  • All activities, occupations, pursuits, sales, services or professions engaged in or on premises located within the city with the object of gain, benefit, advantage or profit to the business enterprise or person, or to another person or class, directly or indirectly, regardless of where their permanent location of business is located;
  • The rental and/or leasing of commercial or industrial properties and the rental and/or leasing of residential dwelling units;
  • Business activities of nonresidential businesses and specifically:
    a.  sales or services that are solicited or performed by the physical presence of business representatives within the city;
    b.  general and speciality contractors who perform work in or on premises located within the city.




Click this link to our new website with our updated business license forms.     





After receiving a completed application packet, the Business License department will forward a copy to Building, Fire, Planning, and any other appropriate department which has the duty of enforcing the city regulations and ordinances.  After review of the application and any additional information that may be required, including inspection of the premises proposed to be operated when deemed necessary, a license will be issued or the application denied depending on the results of the review.  The decision of the city shall be rendered within forty-five (45) days of the date of filing of the completed application.

NOTE:  Neither the filing of an application nor payment of the license fee shall authorize a person to engage in or conduct business activities until such license has been granted.

Business Licensing Contact Information

General Licensing Requirements

Building Codes 425.263.8000
Land Use / Parking / Sign Codes 425.263.8000



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