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 / Planning & Community Development / Japanese Gulch Master Plan / Japanese Gulch Planning Areas

Japanese Gulch Planning Areas

Through the planning process, the Master Plan will tie the five distinct planning areas into a cohesive plan including:

  • Mukilteo Tank Farm Site: The Tank Farm site is the historic home to the Crown Lumber Company along the City's waterfront. During the war years, the site was filled and used as a fuel storage depot for the United States Government and is commonly referred to daylight Japanese Gulch Creek and create a small pocket estuary at the outfall point of the as the Mukilteo Tank Farm. Japanese Gulch Creek was put into a culvert and runs under Mukilteo Lane, Burlington Northern Rail Road Tracks, and the Tank Farm. The City desires to daylight Japanese Gulch Creek and create a small pocket estuary at the outfall point of the creek.
  • Lower Japanese Gulch: Located between Mukilteo Lane to the North and​ Mukilteo Boulevard to the south, this lower portion of the gulch consists of a quarter mile trail, wetlands, wildlife habitat, and recent stream restoration work. Due to the City’s restoration and preservation efforts, fish are returning to spawn in this coastal stream for the first time in 50 years. 
  • Dog Park: Just south of Mukilteo Boulevard is the Tails and Trails Mukilteo Dog Park. This nearly 2.5 acre site consists of a parking lot, the Dog Park, and the trailhead to nearly two miles of pedestrian and bike trails in Japanese Gulch. 
  • Upper Japanese Gulch: This heavily forested area has recently been purchased by the City of Mukilteo and has historically been used for non-motorized bike and pedestrian trails for decades. Currently there are competing uses for this resource including pedestrian hiking trails, off-road bike trails, and BMX courses. A portion of this section of property was purchased with a Snohomish County Conservation Futures Grant, which puts a conservation easement on the property.  This means all activity that occurs in this section of the park must be “passive”.  As per the conservation easement passive is defined as activities such as walking/running/hiking trails, mountain bike trails, playgrounds and a play field (not sports fields).
  • Precht Property: At the most southerly end of the site is an irregularly shaped parcel commonly known as the Precht Property; it contains the Mukilteo Community Garden which is a highly successful “pea patch” garden program, wetlands, and informal parking / access off of 76th Street SW. The City envisions that this area may contain future parking and playground and/or informal play field areas; it would retain the Community Garden; and would be available for future wetland mitigation or enhancement opportunities in accordance with the City’s Critical Area Mitigation Program (CAMP).
Within the Japanese Gulch, the habit is diverse with different forested habitats and areas of previously disturbed areas. The City of Mukilteo had previously teamed up with Earth Corps to assist the City in providing a natural inventory. This inventory has been used heavily in the development of the design concepts. Please see the links below to maps and the report. If you have any questions, please contact Karl Almgren at 425-263-8045. 

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