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 / Finance / Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator

As part of developing the 2014 Preliminary Budget, the Budget Calculator was created for interested users to build their own General Fund financial scenarios.

The Budget Calculator can be used to help you understand the City’s General Fund Budget for 2014 and beyond.  Although the Preliminary General Fund Budget is balanced for 2014, each year of our four-year forecast shows expenditures exceeding revenues, creating a "gap."
Budget Calculator Instructions:
The first section under the "General Fund Budget Calculator for 2014 Budget Development" is labeled "Decision Packages."  Briefly, Decision Packages are budget request forms designed to assist you in understanding what City staff are asking for, why they are requesting the item and source of funding for the item.

Click on the Decision Package link listed under each department to see budget details and information related to the request.

Each Decision Package has a drop down box for your to make your selection for inclusion into the budget.

The second section is labeled "Revenue Options."   For each revenue option click on drop down box for options.
How Does Your Choice Effect The City’s “Bottom-line?”
Your Revenue Option results are linked to the “General Fund Projection Model.”  To view how your selections impact the City’s “Bottom-line,” either click on "Click Here to See Forecast Results" or click on the spreadsheet tab labeled “Forecast Model.”
My Tax Calculator
Your Budget Calculator choices may impact your personal “Bottom-line,” depending on your Revenue Option selections.
1)  For each revenue option, there is a drop down box listing options.  If you choose to increase a Utility Tax or Property Tax, click on “Click Here to See How This Tax Will Affect Me,” which will take you to “My Tax Calculator.”
2)  On the “My Tax Calculator, fill in your property’s Assessed Value to see the effects of your property tax increases, and
3)  Fill in your average monthly water & sewer utility bill amounts to view the effects of utility tax increases.
After you have completed the exercise, you may print it out and mail it to: 
City of Mukilteo
Finance Department
11930 Cyrus Way
Mukilteo, WA  98275
Download Instructions:
1)  Click the Budget Calculator link to download the file.
2)  When the dialog box appears, Click the Save button.
3)  Save file to your My Documents Folder.
4)  Open File and fill in your Priorities.
5)  Save when finished.

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