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 / Planning & Community Development / Sustainable Mukilteo

Sustainable Mukilteo

Sustainable Mukilteo
Sustainable Mukilteo

Sustainable Mukilteo is a City that seeks to meet the needs of its current population without jeopardizing the ability of future Mukilteans to meet their needs—an inter-generationally just way of living.


To achieve sustainability, Mukilteo must ensure:


·         Impacts on the natural environment are minimized and mitigated so the quality of the natural environment is not degraded. This can be achieved by:

     - Using land efficiently
     - Using renewable sources of energy
     - Minimizing pollution
     - Improving public transportation to reduce emissions
     - Preserving green space
     - Encouraging use of low-impact development techniques
     - Conducting public outreach and education


·         Financial resources are used efficiently and wisely so the City’s revenue sources always exceed its expenditures for public services.


·         The City provides services where it can be done most efficiently, utilizes private enterprise for repetitive and less-skilled labor, partners with other cities to share expenditures, and contracts for regional services with the County so there is no duplication of services.


·         Economic activity serves the common good, is self-renewing, promotes least-waste and renewable options, and builds local assets and self reliance.


·         Consumption of resources is reduced over time so that each person’s or family’s footprint is less than the generation before.


·         Humans are recognized as being part of nature and that nature has limits which humans are responsible for protecting, both in the short-term and over the long-term.


·         Sustainable strategies focus on the whole community and require broad-based citizen participation for it to be effective.


·         There is opportunity for full participation of citizens in all civic activities, benefits and decision-making, so that a broader segment of the community has a voice and ability to accrue potential benefits.

Sustainability means the level of existing limited resources – be they environmental, financial or institutional – are consumed, preserved, protected and replaced in a manner that ensures adequate amounts available for use in the future. This means nonrenewable resources are hoarded and used efficiently and renewable resources are replaced at a rate greater than their consumption rate.


For more information, comments, or questions about the city's sustainability efforts contact Planning Manager, Glen Pickus at (425) 263-8042 or email here.


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