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Pile Removal Odor-related Problem Being Addressed

From Aug. 8 to Aug. 13, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) received 12 odor nuisance complaints from Mukilteo residents in the vicinity of the Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal Tank Farm Pier Demolition project.  While the PSCAA found no violations of its regulations, Washington State Ferries (WSF) has implemented several mitigation measures to control odors coming from the removal of the creosote-soaked piles.  Those measures are:
  • Installation of an odor control misting system which sprays a mist curtain that captures airborne dust carrying odor particles and causes them to settle down to the water rather than floating towards land (expected to be operational this week);
  • Hydrating the debris loaded on the barge to slow odor release;
  • Covering the barge with a tarp during non-working hours (already in place);
  • Installation of a wind speed and direction device to inform the contractor about wind flows towards land; and
  • Conducting additional air sampling as warranted.
WSF also will be installing a telephone hotline residents can call if the odor problem returns that will allow WSF to react as quickly as possible.  Click on this link for answers to frequently asked questions about this issue.
Even without the mitigation measures the odor problem will likely have decreased in the coming weeks with cooler weather and the work moving away from land.
This project, which is a prelude to construction of a new multimodal ferry terminal, will remove 3,900 creosote-treated piles (7,000 tons of creosote-soaked timber piles) from Puget Sound, which is about 4% of the remaining creosote-treated piles in the Sound.

WSF has more information about the Mukilteo Multimodal Project on its website.  To visit the project page click here

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