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Documents and Forms

This page is provided to list standard City forms and documents. These files are categorized by Department and can be viewed alphabetically by the document title. They may be provided in a variety of formats (i.e., Acrobat PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, etc.), so you will need the appropriate application to load and view them. We will continue to expand on this list in order to provide easy access and retrieval of City documents for our citizens and the business community. If you are unable to locate a particular item, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 425.263.8005.
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Homepage Documents and Forms
 Big Gulch Brochure ( 540.37 kb )
Big Gluch Trail

Trail heads are located at 4800 92nd Street and 4675 Harbour Point Blvd.

City Clerk
 Public Records Disclosure Request (Rev 2-24-15) ( 15.77 kb )


City Council
 Civil Service Commission Meeting Agenda ( 90.03 kb )
 Civil Service Commission Meeting Agenda ( 88.98 kb )
 Civil Service Commission Meeting Agenda ( 90.05 kb )
 City Council Extended Agenda ( 27.08 kb )

 Civil Service Commission Agenda - 8/20/2015 ( 238.1 kb )
 Boards, Commissions and Committees Application ( 78.43 kb )
Boards, Commissions and Committees Application, revised 1/12/15.

 2015 Final Budget ( 10228.74 kb )
2015 Final Budget

Human Resources
 Civil Service Commission Agenda - 11-19-15 ( 92.5 kb )

Planning & Community Development
 Comprehensive Plan ( 10297.78 kb )
City of Mukilteo Comprehensive Plan (2015-2035) - Moving Mukilteo Forward
 Zoning Map ( 1920.99 kb )
Zoning Map
 Meeting Room Application ( 31.73 kb )
Application for the use of Council Chambers or the Community Room

For All Planning and Building Permit Applications go to our On-Line Permit Center

 Dog License Application ( 56.07 kb )
2015 Dog License Application
 Press Release of New Mission Statement ( 75.59 kb )
The Mukilteo Police Department has been changing and doing some updating lately. Please see the attached Mission Statement press release for additional details about the new direction of the Police Department.
 NNO 2013 flyer ( 237.18 kb )
NNO 2013
 Mukilteo Police Department 2012 Annual Report ( 558.27 kb )
Mukilteo Police Department 2012 Annual Report
 Mukilteo Police Department 2011 Annual Report ( 2664.79 kb )
Mukilteo Police Department 2011 Annual Report
 Recruitment Document ( 240.79 kb )
Recruitment Document
 2010 Annual Report ( 586.04 kb )
Mukilteo Police Department 2010 Annual Report

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