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Social Media Ad-hoc Committee - Inactive

As of January 19, 2016, this Committee is no longer active.

This Committee reviewed the City's use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter in support of City operations.  In 2014, Resolution 2014-21 established, for the first time, a social media policy to provide guidelines for conduct by City employees who use social media to engage with residents and visitors on behalf of the City. This policy is not intended to address employee’s personal use of social media sites; which is governed by the City’s existing personnel and technology use policies. This policy applies to all users of City communications and computing resources, including regular employees, temporary employees, elected officials, volunteers, contractors, and all others who use these resources on the City’s behalf.

All social media sites are subject to state law regarding the creation, storage and disposition of public records. The Social Media Coordinator will work with the City Clerk to ensure that City accounts are appropriately archived and data preserved in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

All City accounts must clearly state that content is subject to public disclosure.

Click here to view the City's Social Media Policy.

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As Needed
1 Year

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