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Rosehill Community Board

The Rosehill Community Board was formed by Council Resolution 2015-06 to provide input to the City Council, Mayor, and City staff regarding policies and operations at Rosehill Community Center. 

The Board is composed of seven (7) members, recommended by the Mayor and subject to appointment/confirmation by the City Council.  No member may be a commissioner, elected official, or employee of the City of Mukilteo. At least one member of the Board will be a professional in a field complementary to the Board's scope, one will be a student (position open) from the Mukilteo School District, and one will be a senior adult 55 years of age or older.  At least five (5) members of the Board must be City residents, and all members must be residents of the Mukilteo School District.

Terms of Board members are staggered, with three members appointed for three-year terms, two members appointed for two-year terms, and two members appointed for one-year terms, including the student member. No member will be appointed to more than two full, consecutive terms of the Rosehill Community Board.

The Board will meet as necessary to discuss policies and operations of the Rosehill Community Center.  All meetings will be open to the public and will provide an opportunity for public comment at all regular meetings.  Bylaws will be adopted to govern the Board's operations; such bylaws will make provision to the taking of minutes, the keeping of Board records, and provide for the election of Board Chair.  The Recreation and Cultural Services Director or designee will provide staff support and work with the Board Chair to set agendas and work plans.  The Rosehill Community Board has no authority to direct staff, operations or set policies for the Community Center, nor does it have the authority to take action on behalf of the City Council. 

Any formal recommendation(s) of the Board must receive the affirmative vote of a majority of its members at a public meeting and be recorded in the minutes.

Length of Term

Email Address
Term Begin
Term End
Peter Almgren   Committee Member   05/04/2015   05/03/2016  
Melanie Banfield   Committee Member   05/04/2015   05/03/2017  
Jennifer Berner   Recreation & Cultural Services Director      
Carolyn (Dode) Carlson   Committee Member   05/04/2015   05/03/2018  
Jane Crawford   Committee Member   05/04/2015   05/03/2018  
Donald Saul   Committee Member   05/04/2015   05/03/2018  
Anne Steinmetz   Committee Member   05/04/2015   05/03/2017  

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